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PDF Microscopy Course - How to Draw Good Blood Samples

I've created a downloadable PDF course on how to withdraw, place and look at blood under a microscope.

Placing a live blood sample under a microscope requires far more than just putting a drop of blood on a glass slide.

To view a live blood sample, you need an undamaged blood sample where immune cells and red blood cells continue as they would inside your body.

This course explains the process from how to prepare before withdrawing the blood, to how you would create an air-tight environment where you can study live blood cells.

This is explained through 12 pages of text, pictures and video links as guidance. I use a phase contrast microscope in the examples, but this will work the same with other techniques (I do not stain the blood). This is not a valid course to start a live blood analysis business, but a course in how to do the testing correctly and how to get the best possible quality blood samples. It's for anyone who owns a microscope or for anyone that is interested in knowing how it can be done.

The price is 55$ USD

To receive an invoice for the course via e-mail, contact me by email: or contact me through the contact form at the bottom of this site.

(Keep in mind that the address you e-mail me with will be the address you'll receive the invoice on. Once paid, you'll receive a downloadable PDF to that e-mail address.)

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