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Pleomorphism is the ability of some micro-organisms to alter their shape or size in response to environmental conditions. When the blood was extracted, it was in perfect balance and health.

Many hours after extraction the balance of the blood started to shift (no new oxygen is added and the environment became acidic). All that you see in the video has been born out of the body's own healthy cells. The cells and microorganisms will change and sometimes adapt to their new environment.

Antoine Béchamp's theory about pleomorphism talks about microzymas, which are microscopic living elements that are in all living things. They are both the builders and recyclers of all organisms. They are necessary for life to occur, and in a healthy environment, they have great benefits. However, if the environment changes they can adapt and become the destroyers of life. Disease is born from our own cells.

When we live acidic lifestyles we give our microorganisms an environment that changes their life cycles. It changes their purpose and destroys our health.

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