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Health is much more then what people see visually. A skinny body does not naturally equal a healthy body and too many supplements can be damaging. Health is about the right balance of our cells. Working with live blood analysis has given me an unique insight on our cells behavior and needs. It has changed my view on my own health, and helped me understand what my cells need.

Alkaline vs Acidic

​Even the most perfect machine will get affected by its surroundings.
When it comes to health, I focus a big deal on the body's acidity levels (PH).
​The body naturally controls this balance by itself and keeps it at a ph at 7,365, but stress, bad dietary choices, chemicals, and sugar are some of the many things that have totally, and unfortunately, taken over our lives. This overwhelms the natural ph balance and you end up on the wrong side of the scale...too acidic. In acidic blood (and body) sickness will thrive. Fungus, bacteria, bad cell communication and cell deterioration are the result of this.
​The cells will no longer be able to communicate as they should, and healing will go slower/ sometimes not even able to take affect. After seeing thousands of blood clients including results on my own health journey, i have collected some recommendations i use as a base. Everyone's health state is of course different, and in a blood analysis i would focus on the individual persons needs.


Alkaline Diet
An alkaline diet means to eat food that is not acidic. Typical acidic foods are meat, dairy and food with lots of sugar.
​Too many acidic foods will damage the cell communication and stop the healing of the body. Eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables. Personally i have for many years followed a mostly vegan diet. We also make most foods from scratch to not get to many additives and chemicals.

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I have personally used Asea's patented redox supplement since 2012. and honesty its a supplement that i will continue to use for the rest of my life. Redox signals is deeper then any vitamin or mineral.  It is a supplement of the actual signals that your cells use to communicate. Redox biology is a game changer in health science, and more companies developing redox products are coming. Cell communication equals full cell healing potential. Asea can be bought on authorship or as a one time purchase. Contact me to learn more about the science and experiences with this product.

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Helps you aid your nutrition and may help fill in some of the gaps that your food intake may have missed. It’s important to choose supplements that get into your cells. ASEA VIA can help provide a pathway to support long-term wellness. Each product in the ASEA VIA line has a unique and proprietary complex of specially formulated nutrients to give complementary nutritional benefits. 

Asea can be bought on authorship or as a one time purchase. Contact me to learn more about the science and experiences with this product. Learn more here ASEA VIA 

Click here for ordering site

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PatchMD is a company that makes dietary supplements that come in the form of an adhesive skin patch, rather than a pill or capsule. The brand says that patches can be superior to pills and capsules due to their convenience as well as the factor that having to digest your supplements can cause issues like stomach sensitivities and subpar absorption.

PatchMD makes patches that are gluten-free, non-synthetic, latex-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, and hypoallergenic.

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Cell Performance

Based on redox principles, these products are easy-to-use, on-the-go, and deliver a healthy sustained boost Powered by Redox™. With proprietary ingredient blends that help you perform at your best physically and mentally by targeting performance at the cellular level, ASEA’s Cell Performance category is designed to complement and support a healthy lifestyle. These tasty packets are perfect for supporting your daily performance, whether at work or at the gym. Can be bought on authorship or as a one time purchase. Contact me to learn more about the science and experiences with this product

There are Three Cell Performance products:
• REDOXEnergy


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Using your body is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. You don`t necessarily need to join a gym to improve your health. Walks outside and home training will help you a long way. Buy a training mat to have at home or various training equipment, etc.
You can use free videos on YouTube to learn yoga, strength training, and many other exercises. It does not have to take much of your time or money

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​Water is essential to life. Your body is made up from more then 70% of it, and any less will impact your health negatively.  
Drinking soda and other popular sugary drinks are not the same as drinking water. Your body needs clean, fresh water to support itself. Sadly, clean water is sometimes hard to get; bigger cities add chemicals in their drinking water to "clean" it from contamination. This destroys the waters balanced ph levels, mineral components and structure. You can check your waters ph by buying a ph measuring device, or ph strips.
I use a water pitcher that gives the water a little better ph and filters it (it was about 40$ and has replaceable mineral filters). There are several different types of water machines that can be bought, ranging in price dependent on what you need and want it to do. This link is a great example of quality water systems from Dr. Roe - AAAH Water and Health LLC .

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